At The GasBox, we build custom motorcycles from the ground up - but we also take classic motorcycles and reimagine them into something new. We don't mind the term Resto-Mod for some of our creations because that's what they are in some cases.

Many of our customers come to us with the idea that they want something unique, but they don't always know where to begin. We have a number of projects planned at any given time in our inventory, but the projects on this page are especially interesting to us and can be started today.  Take a look below and email us with any questions-

1959 Triumph Speed Twin 500cc

Few bikes are as legendary as the Triumph Speed Twin - and this is your chance to have one.  The design and construction began in 1939 on the Speed Twin and was only slowed down because of WWII.  The parallel twin engine was so popular, it lasted 28 years with just about everyone copying it in one way or the other.  1959 was the first year of unit construction and the Speed Twin was still being built and shipped as a 'bathtub bike' (but that would soon end). If you don't know what a bathtub bike is - Google it!

1966 Triumph Bonneville 650cc  

The 1966 650cc Triumph was the year that Triumph really got their new unit construction design together. They wanted more power with less vibration, and this was the motor that achieved that. The bike pictured here got quite the chop some years back - and we wouldn't mind honoring that builder's ideas by making a modernized version. Or - we can do something completely different ...It's your choice.


1970 BSA 250 Single  

BSA has made a lot of great bikes and engines - but one that has been a bit overlooked and was known as the "fun" bike, is the 1968-1970 250 Single. And it is fun indeed! The donor bike pictured here has lots of good bones and is a great starting point to build a cool little 'around town' bike. I had so much fun building a Ducati scrambler recently - I can see a similar treatment with this bike.

1974 Moto Guzzi 850T    

While the Eldorado and the Ambassador were great touring bikes in the early 70's, Moto Guzzi wanted a sport bike and they turned to chief engineer Lino Tonti who jumped in and gave a redesign to the iconic V7.  No doubt the V7 was a great bike  - but imagine that reconfigured frame design by Tonti, but with an extra 100 cc's  - that's the 850T.  Believe it or not, this donor bike is a single owner bike with beautiful Borrani wheels - which we think is a great starting point for this Italian beauty.  Of course, we'll plan on doing a full engine rebuild - along with new upgraded braking and much more. 


1974 BMW R 90/6          +++ UPDATE  -  SOLD! +++

The big 898 cc 90/6 model for BMW help revitalize the german brand back in the early 70's - and some would say the new BMW R Nine T did the same for BMW today. Makes sense since the Nine T was an homage to the great bikes of the 70's as well as built in celebration of 90 years of Motorrad history.  The other thing that's happened recently is some really great BMW customs mostly coming out of Europe. We recently tweaked a customers custom Beemer and decided we had to offer one as a project.  The bike in the pic came from a friends collection - he rode the bike but decided he wanted to change things up.  He started with some steel fenders and new suspension, but then decided he had one too many projects.  There are a couple of ways we could go with this custom - we've considered both "Fast" and "Slow" (if you know what we mean)  - what direction do you think we should go? 

Here are a few of our previous projects - Before & After

BEFORE                                        AFTER

bsa before.jpeg