Norton Commando Cafe update

Our 850 Commando project is nearing completion. Fresh vapor blasted aluminum and zinc plated hardware for the engine rebuild. 

The rear frame was shortened a few inches and a tail hump was fabricated. We then modified a set of NYC Norton triple clamps to accept a Suzuki front drum and forks.

More to come......

The Customer, The Chopper & The Hat

This is the tale of a great Customer, a fabulous Chopper restoration and a great Hat.

Meet John.  John is an interesting and varied motorcycle lover. He's been a loyal customer of The GasBox for quite some time. A while back, he came to me with a chopper project. Of course we build a fair amount of choppers here at The GasBox ...but this was different. This chopper was a RESTORATION! See, we do restorations here at The GasBox too - we've done all sorts of them - BSA, Norton, Ducati - faithful, bolt for bolt, period correct restorations. But not many people walk in to your shop with boxes full of parts and bunch of magazine covers and articles about a chopper they saw and fell in love with in the 1970's and then went out and found  ...and now want you to build. Well that's what John did - and we're thrilled that he walked in.

We're going to try to do a full write up with full pics of the chopper soon - we need to make sure we are allowed to present the pics from Street Chopper and Easy Rider where this bike appeared many, many times over the years. If we can do it, we'll try to throw in a few of the pics from the magazine too.  So stay tuned....

In the meantime - enjoy The Customer, The Chopper & The Hat.

By the way - thanks to @mikeyrevolt for the pics and for the super secret location in the heart of Cleveland ...which will now forever be a great spot to go hide, soak in the sun and enjoy a few beers.

BSA 500 Gasbox style

We are in the process of changing this BSA from its sad previous state into something fun our customer can enjoy... more to come...but check out that new stance!

"Pan-American" Project

We recently finished this Panhead powered cruiser for Lowbrow Customs. This project is an advertising piece with components donated from - S&S Cycle, Baker Drivetrain, W&W Cycles, Kustomtech, and Drag Specialties. The bike was ridden from Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles, California and displayed at the Born Free show in the S&S Cycles booth. Tyler Malinky (owner of Lowbrow) rode the bike all 2300 miles without any troubles. The bike will be featured in the Drag Specialties catalog along with catalogs of the other companies and other motorcycles publications. showing The GasBox some love!

I have to admit - when we got a request to do a Q&A with something called Be Street ... we were a little hesitant.  Turns out Be Street is interested in the same things we are: Designers, Makers, Artists, Dreamers & Entrepreneur's that are making a difference. The online and print mag is in 15 countries and covers a wide variety of genres and interests. Check them (and our Q&A) out at or find them on Instagram and Facebook

They showed us some LOVE - 

Now go show them some...





Comando de Norton

We just started this 1974 Commando 850 for one of our good customers in Mexico. Norton's are all around great vintage bikes and we love building them into special machines. Many more updates to come on this one.

1926 HD JD

The 1926 Harley from our projects page has been consigned and is moving right along.  The original cylinders are obviously more than 90 years old - so we decided to  get a brand new exact replica set fresh from the foundry in Australia - courtesy of  While we try to use as much of an original machine as possible, these new cylinders will help make this bike as reliable as it was in 1926!

Repeat Customers

One of the biggest compliments I get is when one of our custom build customers returns for a second or even third build.  Fortunately, we happen to have a couple of those customers and the bike below is our most recent "second".

We built a fun rigid 1976 Shovelhead for a customer in California - and once he saw his new build in person, he decided to have us redo his brand new Harley Dyna. He had a very specific idea of what he wanted and we are quite happy with how it came out.

We took the entire the bike apart and powder coated everything black. We added the bars and fairing for the "California look", took a few unnecessary bits off - and then fabricated a custom 2 into 1 exhaust.  Finally, we gave it the late seventies AMF inspired paint job to finish the look off.

The customer is already talking about another project (a third!!)   ...  but I had to tell him I need to get to other customers first! 

Winter = Rebuilds

Here at the Gasbox one of our core competencies is engine restoration and rebuilding. Not only does every Gasbox build get a complete engine overhaul but we also offer our services to other shops and regular joe's. This is a 1952 Panhead engine that had been sitting in a wet barn for over 35 years. It is nice to know it will be back on the road operating at full potential this summer. 

1965 Barn Find

I like to think that in every barn along the highway lies and old motorcycle or car, and in some cases its true. I got a call about a 58 Panhead from a friend who asked if I wanted it. With a little hesitation I said "sure" (knowing that no one was on the list waiting for a 58 Panhead at the moment).   What list you ask? I have a large list of special projects requested by clients -  so when I come across opportunities to get donor bikes on the list, I grab them. And sometimes I just buy bikes that I know will make an amazing custom build or are just unusual bikes that I can't pass up.

Well much to my surprise the 58' was actually a 1965! The last year of the Panheads and the first year for electric start. And it just so happens one of our loyal customers had his name down for a 65' and he especially wanted a "rust ride".  So this girl has a new home already - but first it will be getting completely rewired, new brakes, and new tires. 

If you have a project in mind and would like to be added to our special project list -  just send a note to . Or, if you know you want to build something, but aren't sure what you want ...check out our Projects Page for a little inspiration.

New Scrambler chop up

A local Ducati dealer had us modify the tank and rear sub frame of a brand new scrambler. The end result is a very slimmed down version of the already compact bike that is blast to cruise around!

1969 BSA Rocket 3

This was another nut and bolt restoration we did last year. This BSA Rocket 3 received a full engine rebuild, correct factory color match, and proper CAD and Chrome plating.

1944 Knucklehead

Back in 2014 we were invited to be a part of the Born Free show.  We decided to build this 1944 Knucklehead that I acquired some years before. The engine was an old drag race motor built by a local legend with all of the hotrod tricks of the time. I thought it would be best suited in a Harley VL frame with a Norton road holder fork. This combination would be correct for drag racers from the 50's. We then did our usual treatment of a hand fabricated gas tank, fender, oil tank, and exhaust. 

This bike is currently in our collection and available to the right buyer.

BikeExif + November 24, 2015 = Norton Dominator

Thank you to Chris Hunter and his crew at BikeExif in featuring our one of a kind 1950 Norton Dominator.  This was published just in time for our customer to be receiving one of our favorite builds.  As I sit here typing, the Norton is crossing the the Atlantic to the UK.  

I can only hope you were one of the lucky ones to see this bike in person to truly understand the time, energy and thought that went into this build.  If not, then I can only hope you live in London to get a glimpse of it going down the road...

Please check out BikeExif for the full article:


The GasBox's Build List Continues to Grow...

  1. Harley Davidson (includes but not limited to, because I know I am forgetting a bunch of others):
    1. Sportster - DONE
    2. Panhead - DONE
    3. Shovelhead - DONE
    4. Knucklehead - DONE
  2. Indian - DONE
  3. BSA - DONE
  4. Norton - DONE
  5. BSA - DONE
  6. Triumph - DONE
  7. BMW - DONE
  8. Ducati - DONE
  9. Kawsaki???? - DONE

Yes, you read #9 correctly.  The GasBox can now add Kawasaki to its' checklist of custom builds/fabrication that have been completed.  

Iron & Air approached Jesse to inquire if he wanted to participate in a friendly custom Kawasaki competition.  Hopefully, by now, you are familiar with Jesse's work and you have made the assumption that he can and will accept a challenge.  Despite numerous builds already in the shop (and my non-persuasive pleads to not take on another project at the moment), Jesse fully accepted the challenge.  This "remodel" was unveiled at the Kawasaki Breaking Boundaries Event in California last night.  Did The GasBox's remodel include new paint and some new wheels?  Of course, but in true GasBox fashion, it included so much more:

Personal Note: 

I have been with Jesse for almost ten years.  His ability to completely transform one motorcycle that has either been discarded or neglected for years, into another, is truly amazing.  I know many builders have a "look" - by seeing the final product, you can tell who the builder is/was.  But for the past ten years, Jesse continues to amaze me with the overall design and function of everything he touches (please reference above list).  The Kawasaki, was just another bike that amazed me.

It's ok, if you're not a particular fan of The GasBox or Jesse (but then, why are you reading this blog, but I digress..).  You might not like the clean, classic, and timeless "look" of Jesse's builds, but you do have to admire and respect (even if it is just a little) the work that comes out of The GasBox.  The time and energy that Jesse puts into each of his builds is clearly shown.  Again, you might not be a fan, but it's ok, because I am.