I noticed this bike leaning next to a garage in Lakewood, Ohio. I would pass this same bike every day on my way to the shop.  Spring, summer, fall and this bike never moved, so I finally stopped one day and knocked on the front door.  Needless to say, the owner was quite content in selling it.  Scramblers have always represented a slightly different market in the motorcycle world. They are a little bit about freedom to explore and adventure - and when done right, they are more than just a bike with high pipes. Ducati starting making a scrambler in the late 1960's because a US dealer went to Italy and told the factory he wanted something different that he could sell to a new kind of US buyer. The Ducati Scrambler was born - and most recently, was relaunched by Ducati to rave reviews.  I think these bikes are pretty cool as stock - but I don't want to "restore" this bike. My plan with this bike would be to maintain the classic Ducati Scrambler feel - but throw in a little GasBox magic and a mild custom feel with fenders, lighting, exhaust and finishes. 

Activity Report for July 2015:

1970 Ducati Scrambler contract signed by both parties

Client submitted photos and ideas for build

Client sent sample of paint scheme for build

Activity Report for August 2015:

Mr. Rindler requested diamond stitching on seat

Mr. Rindler decided bare aluminum on rims

Front and rear suspension is being rebuilt (shocks and forks)

Motor being rebuilt

Custom spokes are being made to fit the 19" rim at Buchanan Spokes (California)

Activity Report for September 2015:

Client confirmed 10/19/15 visit.  Fabrication will be completed and build will be mocked up for Mr. Rindler to review and/or make changes                                             before going to paint

Paint for build has been received from Client

Front and rear wheels laced and trued with aluminum rims as requested by Client

Miscellaneous Ducati parts have been polished

Original headlight with key has been secured for project

Activity Report for October 2015:

Visit from client - build is on track and approved

Seat sent to Union Speed & Style for upholstering

Activity Report for November 2015:

Frame delivered to be powder coated

Gas tank, fender and headlight delivered to be painted

Powder coated pieces completed and picked up

Engine installed

Front forks modified

Polished pieces completed and returned to us

Activity Report for December 2015:

Miscellaneous powder coated pieces received

Finished paint received

Completed seat received

Purchase Report for July 2015:

July 12, 2015:  Purchased an original headlamp that integrates a speedometer

July 14, 2015:  Purchased an NOS 100MPH Scrambler Speedometer that was still in the box

July 17, 2015:  Purchased a vintage Ducati Scrambler 450 Tank that still had the original emblems on it

Purchase Report for August 2015:

August 26, 2015: Purchased WM2 1.85 x 19 - 36 Hole Akront/Italian Style

                             Flanged Alloy Vintage Motorcycle Rim

August 26, 2015:  Purchased Stainless Steel Handle Bars 7/8" Straight

August 27, 2015:  Purchased K81 TT100 410H19 Tire

August 27, 2015:  Purchased 2.75 - 3 x 19"CMV TireTube

Purchase Report for September 2015:

September 17, 2015:  Purchased 9 gauge .250 x .790 stainless steel nipples for front and rear wheels 

September 17, 2015:  Purchased 9 gauge stainless steel spokes for front and rear wheels 

September 19, 2015:  Purchased sand, buff, polish hubs, primary covers, emblems, shaft, rocker covers, cable holders, and brake covers 

September 24, 2015:  Purchased engine bearings 

September 24, 2015:  Purchased rest of engine components 

Purchase Report for October 2015:

10/1/15 - 350 Road Piston 77mm 

10/1/15 - Banjo Bolts 

10/1/15 - Oil Seal Set 

10/1/15 - Gasket Set 450 Widecase SV 

10/1/15 - W/C Oil Strainer and nut 

10/1/15 - Sprocket Tab Set

10/1/15 - Front Sprocket

10/1/15 - Sprocket Bolt Set 

10/26/15 - NOS Chrome Chain Adjusters for Benelli Wards Ducati 

Purchase Report for November 2015:

11/9/15 - Ducati Bevel Single Top End Gasket Set 

11/9/15 - Ducati Widecase Engine Mount Bolt Kit Set 

11/9/15 - Ducati Single Head Cylinder Bolt Set 

11/9/15 - Fork Seal Kit 

11/9/15 - Pair of Tank Mounting Bushes 

11/9/15 - Chrome Lever Fuel Filler Cap 

11/9/15 - Scrambler Fork/Shock Gaiter 

11/9/15 - Alternator Gland Nut Assembly 

11/9/15 - Alternator w/ Case 

11/9/15 - Scrambler Footrest Rubber 

11/9/15 - Kickstarter Rubber 

11/9/15 - Gear Lever Rubber 

1123/15 - Polish and chromed pieces 

11/24/15 - Float Bowl Nut 

Purchase Report for December 2015:

12/8/15 - Tubing 

12/9/15 - Paint 

12/13/15 - Ducati Bevel Single Shocks -

12/13/15 - Ducati Pipe 

12/13/15 - Ducati Tank Latch

12/13/15 - Polished Stainless Shock Nuts

12/13/15 - Fork Boot Clamps 

12/13/15 - Ducati Point Cover 

12/13/15 - Coil Mounting Bracket 

12/13/15 - Clutch Hub and Sprocket Nut 

12/14/15 - Ducati Bevel Single Rear Brake Cable

12/14/15 - Ducati Bevel Lifter Comp Release Cable

12/14/15 - Ducati Bevel Single Speedometer Cable

12/14/15 - Ducati Single Throttle/Choke Cable Kit

12/14/15 - Ducati Single Front Brake Cable Kit

12/14/15 - Dellorto Velocity Stack SSI

12/14/15 - Dellorto SSI Carburetor Cap Top Retaining Spring

12/14/15 - Aprilia 150mm Headlamp Rim

12/14/15 - Brake Cable Light Switch

12/14/15 - Ducati Points/Condenser Ignition Set

12/14/15 - Rubber Cable Tie Set NOS

12/14/15 - Ducati Bevel Intake Manifold Insulator

12/17./15 - Wheel Seal

12/17/15 - Finished Seat

12/18/15 - Coil Ignition 12 V Lucas

12/18/15 - Battery-Mnt Free .24 Liter

12/18/15 - Bulb LED Cluster 1.25" Red

12/18/15 - MSA 428 RXP CHN 120 GLD

12/21/15 - Dellorto Cable Adjuster Assembly Pair

12/21/15 - Ducati Slash Cut Muffler, Short 8mm -

12/21/15 - Polished Stainless Steel Muffler Clamp

12/21/15 -Cable Adjusters 8mm w/nuts 

12/21/15 - Battery Hold Down Strap

12/21/15 - Steering Fork Lock 

12/21/15 - Ducati Petcocks

12/22/15 - Hardware


Work Scheduled for September 2015:

Once the wheels come back from Buchanan's, we will mock up the motorcycle with the rebuilt suspension and forks to fabricate the fenders.

Once mock-up is completed, motorcycle will be taken apart and sent to paint

Work scheduled for October 2015:

Engine will be rebuilt by 10/19/15 visit

Ducati will be mocked-up for final review by client

10/19/15 visit will include any modifications client wishes to make before Ducati is sent to paint

Work scheduled for November 2015:

Powdercoating will be completed

Polishing will be completed

Engine will be installed

Paint will begin

Work scheduled for December 2015:

Final hardware will be received

Paint will be returned

Assembly will be completed

Test ride will be conducted

Motorcycle will be delivered by January 2, 2016