1974 Ducati 750GT...

This past year we restored this 1974 Ducati 750 GT. It was found rotting into the garage floor here in Ohio. We were able to save about 90% of the original components as opposed to using reproduction pieces. 

The entire engine has been re-shimmed and fitted with new bearings. The chassis has been powder coated, the forks and shocks have been coated in original "rock guard" paint. Aluminum has been polished and vapor blasted where needed. The paint has been meticulously matched to the original color and we even duplicated certain "mistakes" in the hand-painted pinstripes. The original exhaust, rims, and steel pieces have been re-chromed and then re assembled with correctly zinc plated original hardware.

The outcome is a very fun, fast, and beautiful machine. Just as Ducati intended for 1974.

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