The GasBox's Build List Continues to Grow...

  1. Harley Davidson (includes but not limited to, because I know I am forgetting a bunch of others):
    1. Sportster - DONE
    2. Panhead - DONE
    3. Shovelhead - DONE
    4. Knucklehead - DONE
  2. Indian - DONE
  3. BSA - DONE
  4. Norton - DONE
  5. BSA - DONE
  6. Triumph - DONE
  7. BMW - DONE
  8. Ducati - DONE
  9. Kawsaki???? - DONE

Yes, you read #9 correctly.  The GasBox can now add Kawasaki to its' checklist of custom builds/fabrication that have been completed.  

Iron & Air approached Jesse to inquire if he wanted to participate in a friendly custom Kawasaki competition.  Hopefully, by now, you are familiar with Jesse's work and you have made the assumption that he can and will accept a challenge.  Despite numerous builds already in the shop (and my non-persuasive pleads to not take on another project at the moment), Jesse fully accepted the challenge.  This "remodel" was unveiled at the Kawasaki Breaking Boundaries Event in California last night.  Did The GasBox's remodel include new paint and some new wheels?  Of course, but in true GasBox fashion, it included so much more:

Personal Note: 

I have been with Jesse for almost ten years.  His ability to completely transform one motorcycle that has either been discarded or neglected for years, into another, is truly amazing.  I know many builders have a "look" - by seeing the final product, you can tell who the builder is/was.  But for the past ten years, Jesse continues to amaze me with the overall design and function of everything he touches (please reference above list).  The Kawasaki, was just another bike that amazed me.

It's ok, if you're not a particular fan of The GasBox or Jesse (but then, why are you reading this blog, but I digress..).  You might not like the clean, classic, and timeless "look" of Jesse's builds, but you do have to admire and respect (even if it is just a little) the work that comes out of The GasBox.  The time and energy that Jesse puts into each of his builds is clearly shown.  Again, you might not be a fan, but it's ok, because I am.