Ducati Scrambler project build up next!

We are super excited about the next GasBox project build - a 1970 Ducati Scrambler 250! We are already working with the customer on parts, specs and design and love the direction that we're heading in.  Look for the "after" pics sometime after a November completion date ...but here are the "before" pics and description:

I noticed this bike leaning next to a garage in Lakewood, Ohio. I would pass this same bike every day on my way to the shop.  Spring, summer, fall and this bike never moved, so I finally stopped one day and knocked on the front door.  Needless to say, the owner was quite content in selling it.  Scramblers have always represented a slightly different market in the motorcycle world. They are a little bit about freedom to explore and adventure - and when done right, they are more than just a bike with high pipes. Ducati starting making a scrambler in the late 1960's because a US dealer went to Italy and told the factory he wanted something different that he could sell to a new kind of US buyer. The Ducati Scrambler was born - and most recently, was relaunched by Ducati to rave reviews.  I think these bikes are pretty cool as stock - but I don't want to "restore" this bike. My plan with this bike would be to maintain the classic Ducati Scrambler feel - but throw in a little GasBox magic and a mild custom feel with fenders, lighting, exhaust and finishes.

John FischerComment