1965 Barn Find

I like to think that in every barn along the highway lies and old motorcycle or car, and in some cases its true. I got a call about a 58 Panhead from a friend who asked if I wanted it. With a little hesitation I said "sure" (knowing that no one was on the list waiting for a 58 Panhead at the moment).   What list you ask? I have a large list of special projects requested by clients -  so when I come across opportunities to get donor bikes on the list, I grab them. And sometimes I just buy bikes that I know will make an amazing custom build or are just unusual bikes that I can't pass up.

Well much to my surprise the 58' was actually a 1965! The last year of the Panheads and the first year for electric start. And it just so happens one of our loyal customers had his name down for a 65' and he especially wanted a "rust ride".  So this girl has a new home already - but first it will be getting completely rewired, new brakes, and new tires. 

If you have a project in mind and would like to be added to our special project list -  just send a note to info@thegasbox.com . Or, if you know you want to build something, but aren't sure what you want ...check out our Projects Page for a little inspiration.