The Customer, The Chopper & The Hat

This is the tale of a great Customer, a fabulous Chopper restoration and a great Hat.

Meet John.  John is an interesting and varied motorcycle lover. He's been a loyal customer of The GasBox for quite some time. A while back, he came to me with a chopper project. Of course we build a fair amount of choppers here at The GasBox ...but this was different. This chopper was a RESTORATION! See, we do restorations here at The GasBox too - we've done all sorts of them - BSA, Norton, Ducati - faithful, bolt for bolt, period correct restorations. But not many people walk in to your shop with boxes full of parts and bunch of magazine covers and articles about a chopper they saw and fell in love with in the 1970's and then went out and found  ...and now want you to build. Well that's what John did - and we're thrilled that he walked in.

We're going to try to do a full write up with full pics of the chopper soon - we need to make sure we are allowed to present the pics from Street Chopper and Easy Rider where this bike appeared many, many times over the years. If we can do it, we'll try to throw in a few of the pics from the magazine too.  So stay tuned....

In the meantime - enjoy The Customer, The Chopper & The Hat.

By the way - thanks to @mikeyrevolt for the pics and for the super secret location in the heart of Cleveland ...which will now forever be a great spot to go hide, soak in the sun and enjoy a few beers.